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Committee 2017-2018

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Committee Members - Officers

Chair: Alison Sears
chairman wokingham-choral-society.org.uk

Deputy Chair: Sue Budge
deputychairman wokingham-choral-society.org.uk

Secretary: Penny Ward
secretary wokingham-choral-society.org.uk

Treasurer: Rhoda Hart
treasurer wokingham-choral-society.org.uk


Committee Members - Other Areas

Membership: Angela Smith
membership wokingham-choral-society.org.uk

Librarian: David Ward
librarian wokingham-choral-society.org.uk

Events Coordinator: Louise Blight
events wokingham-choral-society.org.uk

Publicity: Jo Tremlett
publicity wokingham-choral-society.org.uk

Social Secretary: Vacant
social-secretary wokingham-choral-society.org.uk

Concert Manager: Jeremy Farrow
concert.manager wokingham-choral-society.org.uk


Committee Members - Part Representatives

Soprano Rep: Claire Hiscock
soprano wokingham-choral-society.org.uk

Alto Rep: Diane Lawton
alto wokingham-choral-society.org.uk

Tenor Rep: Ray Hart
tenor wokingham-choral-society.org.uk

Bass Rep: Dick Whittington
bass wokingham-choral-society.org.uk


Other Positions (not Committee Members)

Chamber Choir: Robert Grindley
chamberchoir wokingham-choral-society.org.uk

Friends Programme: Jenny Eaglen
friends wokingham-choral-society.org.uk

Business Manager: Richard Canning
business wokingham-choral-society.org.uk

Social Media Coordinator: Fiona Butler
socialmedia wokingham-choral-society.org.uk

Society 2016-2017


Edward Gardner, OBE


Aidan Oliver
Stephen Layton

Musical Director:

James Morley Potter
(from September 2018)


Benedict Lewis-Smith