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 from the Reading Chronicle, 3 December 1999

Eton College School Hall

This hall, with its wonderful acoustics, provided the perfect setting for Handel's great Oratoria.

Emma Bell delivered her soprano solos with conviction, her precise entry on the top G of the air 'How beautiful are the feet' and the sustained phrasing of 'I know that my Redeemer liveth' being worthy of particular mention. Daniel Norman set the tone for the evening with the Tenor recitative 'Comfort ye, my people', and William Towers vocal timbre and clear diction brought a freshness to the Alto line.

Although Wokingham Choral Society's lady members well outnumber their male counterparts, Edward Gardner's skillful direction ensured the balance of the choral singing was of the highest order throughout.

The Siruis Orchestra (leader Caroline Balding) provided expert accompanyment to this most enyoyable evening

  Barrie Thorbald