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 from the Wokingham Times, June 2002

Sensitivity to the fore in Rutter's 'Requiem'
All Saint's Church

DENNY Lyster has been the choir's accompanist since 1994, and the success of the long partnership was evident in this concert, which he conducted.

In Rutter's Requiem, the rise and fall of the 'dona eis domine' was a delicate sigh: 'even so with the spirit' was so hushed it was almost whispered; in contrast, 'of whom we may seek for succour' was chillingly frantic.

Lyster's reading and the choir's ready response brought out the hushed sadness of death, the hope of new life, the joy of the angels.

The beautiful peace of the closing words was lovely.

The cello solo in the Requiem was played by Stephen Nash, currently studying meteorology at Reading University.

It seems likely that he will be tempted to pursue his musical career if one can go by his sad, mysterious introduction to Out of the Deep.

Cecilia Osmond's soprano soared beautifully in I heard a Voice from Heaven. Earlier, she sang Two Bible Songs by Charles Stanford, accompanied by Denny Lyster on the organ.

The organ accompaniment to Rutter's I will lift up mine eyes was played by Justin Luke. Here, as well as in the Requiem, his rapport with the instrument was sensitive and striking.

 Rosemary Bayliss