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 from the Reading Chronicle, March 2003

The choir excelled in the jaunty triple-time chorus Domine Fili
Eton School Hall

The clarity of diction in their singing has established Wokingham Choral Society as one of the country's leading choirs. Under the direction of Aidan Oliver they joined forces with Sinfonia Britannica to bring us an evening of Baroque music by Handel and Vivaldi.

Andrew Kennedy (tenor) and Sarah Fox (soprano) did full justice to their solo passages in Handa's Ode on St Cecilia's Day. I was particularly impressed by The Trumpet's Loud Clangour tenor air and chorus. The choir came into its own singing the Coronation Anthems, the soaring melody of Zadok the Priest reverberating throughout the hall.

Another firm favourite, Vivaldi's Gloria, differs from most sacred work of its kind by scoring the solo passages for soprano and mezzo-soprano voices. Sarah Fox's vocal range was exactly right for the plaintive Domine Deus Rex coelestisi and Ruth Massey delighted with her phrasing in Domine Deus Angus Dei. Linking these two passages, the choir excelled in the jaunty triple-time chorus Domine Fili.

 Barrie Theobold