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from the Wokingham Times, March 2005

...this impressive performance of Handel's masterpiece
University of Reading Great Hall

WHERE to start discussing this impressive performance of Handel's masterpiece?
Possibly with Laurie Brook, a l4-year old pupil at Westminster School, who sang treble soprano.
His description of the angel coming to the shepherds was clear and confident, conveying something of the supernatural event. His How Beautiful was warm and expressive.
Then there was Elizabeth Franklin-Kitchen, Who stepped in at the last minute to sing the soprano parts.
She rose calmly to the challenge and we heard a sensitive and moving I Know My Redeemer Liveth.
Edward Price's Why Do The Nations? expressed the rage of the psalmist. His Trumpet Shall Sound was boldly prophetic. The trumpeter this piece gave a similarly confident performance.

Thomas Walker's But Thou Didst Not Leave was smoothly rounded and his duet with James Bowman was a remarkably close blend of tenor and countertenor.
Bowman's singing of He Was Despised expressed all the feeling the composer put into the piece and O Thou That Tellest, which he sang with the choir, swung along with joy.
The choruses were up to the standard we have come to expect from this highly respected choral society.
It was a lovely performance and we look forward to their next concert in June.

  Rosemary Bayliss