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from the Reading chronicle, November 2010

...this most satisfying evening
Wellington College

The soloists engaged to represent the three archangels in Wokingham Choral Society’s performance of Haydn’s popular oratorio brought much clarity and dynamism to the piece, as did the excellent accompaniment by the Brandenburg Sinfonia.

Louise Lloyd (Soprano) effortlessly soared to the highest notes in her interpretation of Gabriel and was particularly impressive in her Air during the Fifth Day passage. The role of Uriel was sung by Oliver Johnston (Tenor), fluently embracing both his solo and trio sections whilst John-Owen Miley-Read consistently delighted with his rich lower register as Raphael.

Although at times I felt the vocal balance of the chorus was occasionally lost, they redeemed themselves with Awake the harp and Achieved is the glorious work.

Alexander Chaplin’s musical direction kept firm control throughout this most satisfying evening.

  Barrie Theobald