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from the Wokingham Times, November 2010

Full of beauty, this was a polished performance
Wellington College

WOKINGHAM Choral Society gave an excellent performance of Haydn's Creation at Wellington College.

It was a very well-rehearsed performance, sweeping along with every nuance clearly and smoothly expressed throughout the entire piece.

The anonymous libretto, based on Genesis, the Psalms and Milton's Paradise Lost, is a joyous expression of the creation of the world and the beauty of the Garden of Eden.

The music follows the sense of the words very closely and the singing this evening fully brought out Haydn's intention.

The opening choruses sparkled with joy: "Awake the harp..." was grand, for example. Later on, "Achieved is the glorious work..." was clear and well balanced, rising and falling neatly. "Hail! Bounteous Lord!" was simply superb.

Alexander Chaplin conducted the music with sensitive precision.

With the help of the Brandenburg Sinfonia, he brought out the chaos in the opening overture, the various developments in the Creation - the seas and the fishes, the land and the charming Fifth and Sixth days, describing the beauty of the earth.

The soloists, Louise Lloyd, Oliver Johnstone and John-Owen Miley-Read as the divine messengers commentated on the magnificence of the events of the Creation.

The concert took place in the Newsome Sports Hall at Wellington College.

It was thought that there might be a problem with the acoustics in the large, bare gym.

While it is true that there was a slight vibration in some of the louder sections, the performance was so well prepared and polished that this did not interfere with the power of the music.

  Rosemary Bayliss